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6 May
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I'm a young man trapped in a body that is approaching middle age. I've been on Livejournal in one form, or another, since 2001. You can find part of my life here under the username Arctos. I use Dreamwidth as a backup for both journals under the Kazatasupa username.

I am a lover of peace. I am a humanist, as Abbey wrote, "I'd rather kill a man than a snake." I've been a vegetarian since 1996. I am certified by the SCAA as a coffee roaster, but have never roasted commercially in my life. I have worked in retail, as a cook at a burger joint, as a circulation supervisor at a university library, as a cable guy, and as a phone guy. I currently work in the telecom industry as a central office technician (I help keep the digital highway moving along). I like craft roasts and brews. I'll drink a good Pinot Noir, or Zin. I make a mean martini and like a decent scotch in winter.

I hope to die someday under a juniper tree in the middle of nowhere. I'll enjoy my last breath as long as a buzzard is near to enjoy the flesh still warm from life...