Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Tuesday Morning...
I was up at six twenty. That's record-like early. This time change has changed me (at least for the last couple of days) for the better. I like getting up before everyone else. Unfortunately, my roommate is getting up about the same time now, as opposed to his usual 10 or 11 (or, whenever he wakes up - I'm usually at work, so I don't really know). So much for quiet mornings to myself. I think I'll try a six o'clock wake-up tomorrow... maybe even five thirty. I need to stop at the shop and pick some beans up for a home-brew.
Nothing much on my mind at this hour. Still sipping my first cup o' joe. I had to audit a class yesterday (last day to drop or audit). I should have known that I wouldn't follow through on a self-paced internet algebra class. I didn't even start. God, I'm a slacker. And, for those of you who are interested, I did not audit Keller's Ancient and Medieval Philosophy class. There. Are you happy?
Tags: allen, auditing classes, dr. keller
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