Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Friday Night

I'm off...

A strange week, strange month... something I'll revisit later and put back together as objectively as I can. I think I might need to seek counseling over adoption-related issues...

I'm going for a glazed donut and a bottle of anything.

My desk is a mess. I'll be back tomorrow (sometime) to put things in order, and tie up my tax duties. Also, this is my new studio... a place I can play acoustic guitar semi-alone. It's funny, I can play my electric at home with my headphones, and not be disturbed by the surroundings/distractions. But, I have to bring my "quieter" acoustic here...

I make my life too complicated (there, I said it... happy ryn???) :::winking:::
Tags: adoption, guitar, laryn
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