Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Borrowed :

Dear readers,

A majority of anonymous comments to LJ accounts tend to be abusive or snide. They are usually written by people who either have an account on LJ and are too cowardly to take credit, or are people who used to have an account but have since been suspended for TOS violations.

What do you say to laying on major pressure onto LJ admin to completely disable the anonymous posting function from the whole LJ milieu? All it would take would be to inundate "abuse@livejournal.com" on a prearranged day, with messages from as many as you as possible (and you would request this of your readers as well), asking LJ admin to take away all anonymous posting abilities from the LJ domain.

If we do a communication tree, posting in our journals and communities a "Down With Anonymous" day message to let admin know what we want, we could make LJ a safer, friendlier place to communicate.
Tags: anonymous
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