Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,


I want an mp3 player.. maybe not. They don't seem practical, come to think of it. Are there any other digital options that provide skip free music and easy recording/music change options? I don't know.

I want to use my laptop as a home-recording device (like a four track recorder). I don't know how to set that up (must learn). From what I understand, I might need a keyboard with midi capabilities. I should figure that out this weekend. I need a cd burner too...

I think I want to take pictures tonight. I don't have any other plans... so, why not then?

I put a $550 payment on my credit card. That ought to pull the dogs off for a bit (now, I am back under the limit). Jeremy wants me to fly out to Nantucket in a month. I don't think I can afford that now. I'd really like to see him... Damn.

My brother's taxes are done, as are mine. I only need to mail some shit in... and, wait on a little over $300 due back. I guess that will go to my credit card too.

That's all.
Tags: debt, jeremy, mp3, nantucket, thorn
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