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Monday Morning Blues.

So, it's Monday morning. Blah. I didn't have time to eat breakfast, I am out of coffee and, well... I'm out of coffee.

The Weekend.

Friday night was a blast. I drank way too much, but it was good for me (I think). I haven't overindulged for months. 2 & ½ white guys were fabulous, as always. The bar was so packed that they had to turn people away at the door. I hope the people I invited, who did not show, were not turned away. I guess I'll find out through the course of the day (since most of those I invited work with me). I invited quite a few Mormon people, and they all showed up! Natalia, LaRyn, Joci, and Ryan all seemed to have a great time. I spent most of the evening dancing and checking up on people. I had this terrible fear that the girls would be hit on by filthy drunks... Not that they couldn't take care of themselves. Maybe it was me who was drunk and filthy and wanted to do all the flirting. "Hey, baby..." No. Just isn't me.
Saturday I went up to Salt Lake City for a movie with my friend Lucy Jane. Afterwards we went to a costume party thrown by her friend, Natasha. The costumes were cool, I guess... I didn't stay late enough to see anyone get naked. There is something about attending a party full of people I do not know, that really turns me off. I find myself participating in really small talk, or just listening. Most of the time the small talk is tolerable (if not embarrassing), but listening is most often unbearable. It seems that most conversations are about sex, or pop culture and both usually disgust me. I overheard a guy comment to two other guys that, "in California I'm Don Juan, but in Utah I'm a nobody." Interesting. I kept an eye on him the rest of the evening... he didn't approach, or talk to any women at the party. Some Don Juan. I like to talk about sex, and even pop culture sometimes... However, most conversations on the respective subjects tend to wallow in shallow waters. Lucy Jane kept asking me if there were any "cute, cool" girls that I found interesting. "No, not really..." "But, you seemed interested in the Power Puff girl?" "I think she was twelve, Lucy!" There were some beautiful girls there... September and a few others, but I wasn't really interested in meeting girls. I miss Nicole... and I hate feeling so lonely.
After Two nights of drinking I needed all of yesterday to recover. I took a really nice three hour nap yesterday afternoon, and went to bed around nine last night. I am well rested. Just wish today wasn't Monday.
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