Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

so, how did my things to do list go?

1. Take top off jeep: Yes
2. Finish taxes (e-file: refund will come soon): Almost
3. Drink beer: Yes
4. Eat Indian food: Yes
5. Play guitar: Yes
6. Sit on balcony wondering, "how did it ever come to this?": Of course
7. Dream selfish little dreams: Yes, but it only made me feel worse
8. Write letter to Marie (she hates me by now): No
9. Dwell on the fact that in 31 days I will be 30 years old. Gulp: How could I not?
10. Develop thick skin. Flip more (more? I don't flip anyone off to begin with) people off: Nope.
11. Drink copious amounts of coffee: Heh... Yep.
12. Sleep in (this should be done before #11): Yes
13. Don't get depressed: Nope
14. Stop by Kenny's wedding: I couldn't go... was disabled by depression
15. Write terrible poetry: Shit... no, I didn't.
16. Admit that you were wrong. Your cousin only wanted to take you to a hockey game (where he would ask you to go to church with him on Sunday): Admitted
17. Go Hiking: Uhh... no.
18. Devise a plan to make the whole world love every little thing about you (even your hairy chest): I just couldn't find any reasons for anyone to like me.
19. Do not think one bad thing about self, starting.... now: I wish.
20. Relax... Good, lord my back is killing me.
Tags: to do list revisited
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