Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Reading Room

The employee bathroom is stocked full of Mormon literature (the official church magazine Ensign). I was fingering through an issue a while ago and found an interesting article written about the virtues of telling the truth. Of course, there were no ethical arguments made, only dogmatic rhetoric based on the promise of blessings - and the premise from which the author worked from was extraordinarily weak (I think I could have written a much better article on truth, even working from dogma). The interesting part of the article was found in one adjective used to describe coffee. Vicious. The author called coffee a "vicious drink."

Vicious??? Vicious???

Coffee may be a lot of things, but vicious? Please....

No wonder people always glare at me as they drive by the coffee shop... engaged in the art of consuming a vicious drink.
Tags: mormons and coffee
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