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Working until 11. I've made numerous trips to the coffee shop. Hav is working this evening and is apparently suffering from spiritual poverty. I guess that's going around these days....

I spent this morning doing laundry while sitting on my balcony. The sun was warm, I lifted my long shorts up mid-thigh, and let radiant heat warm much of my naked skin. While soaking in the wonderful weather, I read Kerouac's "Subterraneans" and slowly consumed a can of Milwaukee's Best Ice (cheap beer for a cheap man).

I've found a good place and am feeling fine. I almost feel like dancing...

My mother has forced my hand in summertime vacation plans. I guess I am driving out to the Sierra Nevada's for a family camping trip in July. I requested the time off already, and will actually get there a few days before everyone else. I like the idea of a solitary (next to all the other campers, of course) period... I'll probably drink heavily and let the mid-night noise bring bear-phobia into my tent.

I was able to spend quite a bit of time with Ryn yesterday... I'm okay, I'm okay with things as they are, and as they will be. I'm okay.

I really enjoy her company.
Tags: cheap beer, havalah, kerouac, laryn, lies, twin lakes, vacation
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