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I sent a message out to all the student computers that said:

Public viewing of PORNOGRAPHY is illegal in the state of Utah and against UVSC computer use policy. Violations will be reported to campus police.

Then, I sit and wait for the replies. One student:

From: Student1.STU.UVSC[94] i didn't view any pornography ... i'm not into that...i saw the note that said free nudes, and i chose not to go into it...look at the pictures i did look at, and you will see that i am telling the truth. i promise!!!!!

From:.Student1.STU.UVSC[94] did you get my message? please reply back. i promise that i did not look at any pornography. i promise

From: .Student1.STU.UVSC[94] hello? will you please reply?

From: .Student1.STU.UVSC[94] hello? will you please reply? i honestly do not think that i did anything wrong, but if the things that i did view are considered pornography, then now i know

From:.Me: You're Okay.

From: .Student1.STU.UVSC[94] seriously, thank you so much...you really had me worried...however, i guess i will not even get anywhere close in the future...sorry!!!
Tags: lol, pornography, public computers, uvsc library
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