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I hate e-mail.
I hate easter.
I hate cleaning toilets
I hate hanging out at work on my days off.

I love writing e-mail.
I have fond child-hood memories of easter
I like having a clean toilet
Work is the only place I can get away... (we're closed today).

I just called my mother. She and my pops are eating breakfast in a campground with my Uncle Chris and Aunt Mary. I'm sitting at a computer in a dark, empty library - alone.

I was looking at my phone record last night... I've only had three phone calls in a week, one of which was a return call. Ryn called once to tell me that she was still sick, and that she wouldn't be able to cover my circulation shift. I haven't seen many people this week, but that might be due mostly to my hiding... still, it would be nice to get a call, or e-mail every once in a while.

Ahh... a pity-me party! I've become super analytical of the relationships in my life lately. And, have come to the realization that maybe... just maybe, I don't have much to offer others. I really enjoy being me, but maybe others don't enjoy me quite that much.

Ah, it's a stupid world anyway (cynicism: solving real problems).
Tags: laryn, lonliness, love
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