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Just haning out at my work computer... Bored as hell, but not really wanting to do anything. I have to laugh (just a little) at my state of pathetic-ness. I took a nap earlier, and feel a bit better. Hav was working at Juice and Java despite being exhausted from a hiking trip. I had two cups of coffee, gave a quarter to a guy (I think his name was sean) who was blowing smoke in my face, and watched the sun set. I then walked home with Coltrane on the headphones, got into my jeep and drove to work where I am now typing away on livejournal... waiting for the end of the world to come.

I need to watch a movie, or something... just to take my mind away. I need to talk, too. And, a hug would be nice. My shoulders are so tense that I am actually in physical pain.

A nice glass of something full of alcohol would be nice too... just to relax a bit.

I should go hiking in the morning. It's almost april and I wonder if the black bear is stirring. Hmmm.....
Tags: havalah, jeep, john coltrane
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