Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Thank You

Everyone... I know I've been cracking, but I think I'm okay now. I'm sure I'll still be crying... but, I've started eating again (ryn made me).

There is a reason why I've been feeling this way... and I wouldn't change how I feel for anything. She's doing what she knows is right, and I cannot fault her for that... I want her to be happy on her own terms.

She is the most beautiful person I've known, and I feel blessed to have her friendship... Everyone should be half as lucky as I... to have spent so many wonderful moments with such an amazing person. I have no regrets.

The most amazing thing happened to me today. We sat in the office suite, talking... and she took all the anxiety, all the worry, all the sadness out of my heart.

I know my heart will still ache, but I'm done cracking...

Thank you, everyone... for your love.
Tags: break up, laryn, thorn
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