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Picture hanging...

My blues have been temporarily released. Of course, my head is floating away from me due to a lack of food...

It's going to get worse, I know. I'm going to get lonely. I'm going to need her, and she isn't going to be there. I really wasn't prepared for this. I thought something else was going on, and she needed space. I tried to comply, but I didn't know it was me. I had fears, but thought I was just being paranoid and tried to not think about it. I was blind sided, stunned...

I'm stupid.

I don't like having ugly thoughts. They're self-defeating.

"What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" - Nietzsche
"What doesn't kill me, still hurts like hell" - Me

I'm still going to love her. I don't have a choice... that's who I am. I can't stop loving. I can't.

I should stop dreaming. My dreams don't come true. Never have...

When I was younger, my mother would walk away from me when I would try to hug her. People walk away. That's life. People leave...

Nothing is as it should be. Nothing is forever.
Tags: allen, break up, laryn, nietzsche, thorn
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