Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Too Pure

A song from Sebadoh. It's haunting me...

There's something missing in my touch
Attention tugging at my smile
If there's a right thing to say
I'm sure I missed it by a mile

Swallowed in some detail
Heavy in my blood
I want to hold you close,
but I can't lift my arms up

Is there a reason for this distance
More than the drug that floats my daze
a nervous bug in my system
keeps me edgy and ashamed

I've got to say,
never-ever will forget
it never understood me,
but still tells me how to live

it fits when i stretch
and I stretch because I can

I stretch until I'm sore
and then I open up for more

I do it out of habit,
not addiction.

And, if I give it up.
Clean out my blood
will I still feel bored and disconnected?

If I do it all for love
Will I ever get enough?
Cause you can never be to pure,
or too connected.

You can never be to pure,
or too connected.

You can never be to pure.
Tags: break up, laryn, sebedoh
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