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Van Halen, Coffee and Junk Food

My credit card company left an automated voice message on my work voice mail... if the devil is reading, give me a call, I'm ready to sell my soul.

I've moved my desk into an office suite (which I share with 5 others). I still have my cubicle walls, and my space is a bit larger than it was before. I think I like this new arrangement. Judy threw a ball at me, because I was being a smart-ass, and it almost hit me in the nut-sack. Yes, I think I'll like this...

Simple thoughts:
I think Jocelin is the sweetest person in the world
I want to cuddle with Ryn
Too much junk food is too much junk food
Van Halen reminds me of Willie and The Cure
My only goal is to make every moment perfect
Now... stop being moody
Tags: laryn, nut sack
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