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i haven't written for a couple of days. my heart has been swimming in colors and sounds, but words have left me longing for a voice.

i had an epiphany yesterday, but sleep washed it away and i woke just as poor as i started pre-epiphany.

i payed $136 to get my phone working again, so if anyone wants... well, i can be called. it's strange to go 3 days without phone...

my mother talked to linda argo this week. mike (a childhood friend) is sharing a roof with his lover, but is currently unemployeed. he still likes to be around cars. his sister, kathy, is the mother of twins and lives in the bay area... is other sister, gina, is pregnant and expecting soon. i'm going to write linda in an effort to get mike's e-mail, or phone number.

time to close the library.
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