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Coffee and trail mix for breakfast. Biloba is on crack. I've noticed his certain affinity for calling people "dumb ass." Do ya need a cup o joe, Al? You're fucking cranky (but I love you anyway). I woke up late (something about a cold room, warm blankets, and a snooze button) and, of course, was late to work. Had to stop for coffee. Candice is a beautiful girl. I have to love most, if not all, coffee shop girls. There is something in the way they pour coffee. Maybe it's just the fact that they do pour coffee. Hmmm. The Chief was sitting with his cup of black medicine, but his head was pasted to the table. I couldn't tell if he was sleeping, or recovering from a hangover (and I didn't ask). So, I stumble in to work fifteen minutes late, still wondering if I can call in sick.... but I'm here, so I work. Sort of. I called my poor mother, whom I have not talked to in two weeks. And now I'm writing this. So much for work. Shit, I'm almost out of coffee... that's when the day really starts. I wonder if I can get away to the coffee shop. Another cup of coffee and I can work around work for another hour, or so. Hmmm....
Tags: allen, candice, coffee, coffee shop girls, don
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