Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

I am no longer insulated, and I hate feeling lonely.

Cope, cope, cope...

I must cope with this. Why am I so attached? It's that part of me, the romantic, that wants to take a moment and stretch it into eternity. But, even I need space and solitude... a place to get things done. I need more hobbies, more books, more time to write (like I'm writing now).

It was the suddenness and surety of the "no" that worries me. Am I too sensitive? Or, should I be reading into that and, if so, what did I do? I was anticipating the answer would be no, but the (perceived) coldness left me shocked. I forgot to ask the second question... and, so I phoned her, leaving a message. I wish to borrow her vacuum cleaner. Almost three hours later, she has yet to return my call.

Now, I feel like an asshole. Fucking asshole.

And, what did I do?

Fucking asshole.
Tags: laryn, the end
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