Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

(amendment to) truth

i wrote the following post because i was feeling guilty for lying to danny and j.j. they've both asked me questions, or made statements concerning l. and myself. i just don't think it is their business who i date, and they shouldn't be asking questions, or making assumptions about our personal lives. why, then, do i feel so guilty?

the post was as follows:

no matter how much truth hurts, lack of truth always hurts more. withholding information, lying, being deceitful are all sure paths to causing harm. the only thing i ask of people is to be honest and i, in return, ask the same of myself. i've lied before, and probably will find myself in the position to lie in the future. i only hope i can find truth first.

i do not have thick enough skin to be lied to. i've been lied to before and that has broken me down, while reducing me to feeling numb and worthless. i cannot be worthless, and cannot treat others as such. truth is so valuable.
Tags: honesty, thin skin, truth
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