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getting late

i need to cuddle. or, maybe just a hug. i am needy.

one of my student workers - danny, the mammoth-sized kid who suffers from mental and physical disabilities, brought in his favorite cd this evening. he made me play celine dion while he sat next to my desk, singing along...

i didn't know how to feel about that... and, am still struggling.

i couldn't help but laugh a little.

j.j., another student worker asked me if i had been dating anyone lately. "hmmmm... dating? no, no... i don't think so," i said as i could feel my face turn red. i'm not good at lying. i was trying to bend the definition in my head (a clinton sort of thing) in order to not feel like i was lying. "well, because i see things," he replied. he then pushed a little further, asking about laryn... "oh, laryn and i are just good friends," i said. "she's really fun to hang out with." "well," he said, "i just thought i'd ask. i'm more comfortable asking you that laryn."

what could he see?
laryn's lipstick prints on my desk calander (all over valentines day)
the way i look at her (she's irresistible)
maybe the way we talk to each other

i think we're fairly protective of our relationship. it's the look... i can't help the look. i'm doomed.

almost closing time... down to minutes. i'm going to stop by laryn's... if she's awake. i need a hug. i'm needy.
Tags: laryn, secrets
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