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Something I've been thinking about:

What is your UTOPIA?...
"Mine is simple in theory but difficult in practice.
A life of moderation,
the ability to express myself without being
Beautiful people as friends, a beautiful lover,
and a sense of growth
with constant opportunity for accomplishment."

This was an answer in reply to a question that ryn had for me last November. I've been spending a lot of time the last week, hoofing it about town - thinking about life. And, on one of those walks (coupled with an evening of sifting through a few personal items), I realized that my life is completely out of balance because I have closed all opportunities for growth, accomplishment and expression. I've become lazy and have not been practicing a moderate lifestyle (only forced poverty) - and that is why I have felt so out of it (almost depressed).

I believe I have a few beautiful friends... and ryn... oh, ryn is so beautiful to me.

But, everything is out of balance. I can't have that any more. I refuse.
Tags: laryn, love, thorn, utopia
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