Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Poor, Poor Ruth

Last night, Jason and I sat at the Marmot Mesa Brewery, far too long, in wait for the others. We ate appetizers and went through 4 pitchers of beer. The pitchers, which had come at a price of $5 per before the Olympics are now $10 - but once the bill came, we were in no shape to care about the increase in price.

My lack of tolerance for alcohol would be nice on my wallet, if I knew how to gage my limit. I'm used to drinking all night long, without much thought as to the physical repercussions...

As with two weekends ago (the last time I drank), I had too much by having less than I'm use to drinking. Strange, indeed...

I love drinking, but the knowing how sensitive my body is to alcohol now... I'm worried about falling into another cycle of drawn-out, intense drinking. I'm almost 30 (a reoccurring theme in my journal as of late), and am in need of a personal drinking ethic... I can't be careless with my body any longer. I can't risk losing the health that I do enjoy.

I've always had a huge appetite, for many things... and, in the course of my growth as an individual, i have had to employ moderation as a rule of thumb for various activities (eating for instance). I know that I have made a tremendous cut in the frequency of my drinking, but the volume that I drink when I do go out is still too much for my body. I suppose it is time to learn moderation in drinking. I can't waste brain cells any longer.... and I like being a light-weight. It's good for my soul (and my liver).

Once the others arrived (and enjoyed a few pitchers for themselves) we left in search of a jazz bar. Our first stop, at The Bull and Bear, we found kareoke night and were accosted by a drunk singing "Califorication." We left quickly and headed south, ending up at the Cabana where we found a warm fire place a one-guy entertainment center... he was playing a Frank Sinatra song, so we decided to stay. After Frank, he broke into an Elton John frenzy... Shit. I liked it.

Ruth had too much to drink. She was sitting behind me in the booth, as I was faced towards Jared, when she told me that she loved me (she meant it in a friendly manner - as she really has a thing for Jared) and I, drunk and rude, turned to her and let lose a monstrous belch (which left jared in a hysterical fit of laughter). Poor, poor Ruth... After Jared and I were able to wipe the tears from our eyes, and straighten out our faces, I turned to Ruth and let her know that I loved her also. She is a good kid, really... and a good sport.

Sometimes I have few, if any manners.
Tags: belching, drunk, jared, ruth, slc
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