Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

on my way...

received another e-mail from willie. i'm falling behind... need to write him. how's tomorrow sound? we'll see. i've been extraordinarily busy... no time to do anything (or, so it seems)...

i'm on my way to slc, but don't really want to go.

ryn is in logan, visiting her sister for the weekend. i miss her. if i could hold her in my arms for eternity, i would.

i went to bed last night at nine, woke this morning at nine... went for coffee, to the bank, to the store, paid rent, fixed the door on my jeep and the fuel leak. now i can register the damn thing.

now, up to see jason call and have dinner. we're going to a jazz bar in search of entertainment.

drive, man.. drive.
Tags: coffee, jason, laryn, slc, willie
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