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Frank Black should be in my cd player. Jer christened his song as mine: about a man with his headphones...

I feel like being me, but oddly feel like someone else. I'm troubled. Well, feeling troubled.

It might take a few hours, but I'll put my finger on it. I'll have to. I don't feel comfortable like this. I'm feeling boxed in, claustraphobic... I have the urge to flee.

Last night (i'm moving onto other subjects) Ryn and I stood outside Rice-Eccles stadium during the closing ceremonies of the winter olympics. I wish we could have been inside, to feel the electric crowd roll though me... but, we were outside looking in and, I really wouldn't want to change a memory (now that it belongs to me).

I keep experiencing these wonderful moments with Ryn... moments that will last my lifetime. Kiss playing to the crowd, as we stood outside listening - kissing... (okay - so, that's not the most romantic thing in the world). The spectacular firework display as the ceremony closed.

Dancing under a light snow...

Red roses.

Mmmm.. Ryn, thank you so much. For everything...
Tags: kiss, kissing, laryn, olympics
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