Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

News to Me

My boss told me yesterday that she had been planning an intervention... apparently, my drinking habits had all of my co-workers worried.

While I am flattered that she would care enough, I know that in any other state my drinking would not be an issue. I never partied on a week night (although I would drink a little occasionally), only once did I come to work hung-over...

I know I was drinking too much. My short-term memory was beginning to falter, and my I was suffering heart palpatations...
I knew I had to quit, or make a tremendous cut in my intake.

Ten months ago I quit drinking... a month later I had 5 beers in Telluride, Colorado. One month later I had a few more beers... and have laid really low since. I got drunk around halloween, drank a bit over Christmas and twice since then... I am feeling very well, and do not have any urge to drink regularly.. in fact, most of the time I actually have an urge to not drink.

I do think it a bit embarrassing that everyone knew Kim was thinking about intervening, but me.

Hell. What can I do? At least I know I work in a place where people care for me. I'll leave it at that.
Tags: drinking, intervention
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