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days of 57

Lokasenna is right, spring is right around the corner. It's 57 degrees out and I want to be anywhere but at this desk. I keep watching the birds in flight above the lake... and I am caught drifting in and out of beautiful daydreams.

I wonder what I could find on the other side of those western mountains. I've been out there before, red-necking it with cheap beer and 22 caliber rifles. Now, one might ask, "why would a vegetarian pacifist have a rifle?" It's really like shooting a basketball from the free throw line... I just enjoy having a good shot. So, I shoot empty beer cans and, as the day goes on, my shot gets worse and worse... then, the cans come alive. Jared and I had a can that would actually move out of the way when we shot at it. We dubbed it "matrix" and celebrated with a toast. Ahhhh... red-necking it.

Stupid Kids Red-necking It:

Willie and I used to hunt lizards with our air rifles when we were kids. He had a high-powered pellet gun. I had a daisy bb gun that lobbed little bb's in the air with a curious arch. A couple of pumps on Willie's gun and the lizard would leave a leg or two for our amazement, but little else. My victims were always full of bbs by the time they would stop trying to escape. I was a cruel kid, in many ways... nice in others (really!) and sometimes possibly adorable (is that possible?) but, man... those poor lizards, decked out in a plethora of little steel balls.

We were a real-life Beavis and Butthead (maybe a little more intelligent).
Tags: drinking, red neck, rifles, shooting, thorn, vegetarian
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