Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

A Fine Day...

See... I write, even when happy!

Sometimes my sense of humor gets in the way of my ability to communicate. I made an off the cuff remark this morning about my status of employment... a couple of hours later Kim (my boss) called, "Judy told me that you said I'm not allowing you to leave..." No, no... I never said that. That's the impression I left Judy with however... I'm too much of a smart-ass.

Yesterday, Ryn asked if she could work my shift. I agreed, then later went back to her desk and told her how the first thing that popped into my head when she asked was a meatloaf song, "oh, I would do anything for love... but, I won't do that." See, I like sleeping in on Thursdays (when I am scheduled to work 2 to 11). However, I really like being able to do little things for L. I love being able to do little things for her, and didn't mind trading shifts at all. I'd give my Thursdays to her, if it would help, or make her happy... But, my little joke made her feel bad (and for that I feel like an ass). Oh, I would do anything for love... and I would do that. Ehhhh...

My stupid sense of humor.

I haven't had anything to eat today (do six jolly-ranchers count?). I'm functioning on a forced-fast. It occurred to me, while I was in the shower, that Ryn had opened last Thursday. "Shit," I thought... She opens Thursdays. I'm supposed to open this morning!" So started the mad rush - no time for breakfast - (but I did have time to stop for coffee... I always have time to stop for coffee) to work. Along the drive the thought occurred to me that Ryn might have been covering for Judy last week, and there existed a faint recollection of an e-mail that had been circulated regarding that. However, when I pulled into the parking lot I noticed that Judy's van was missing. "Shit, shit, shit..." Sheepishly, I made my way through the building and down the stairs where Azucena stood, talking on the phone while spying me with suspicious eyes. She hung up. "Where's Judy," I asked shyly, while expecting the worst. "She's in the restroom." "Where's her van?" "She drove that little grey car." "Oh, oh yes... I did see that little grey car. Hmmm... I'm hungry."

Thus, my day was started... and I'm still hungry.

I've been looking at a library job at the University of Nevada, Reno. Might apply... No, I will apply. It can not hurt to test the waters, and I simply need more money. Yep money... I have to turn a bit greedy (just a bit). I can't live in Americanized poverty much longer. I need to be able to afford a good dinner and a camping trip in the same week.
Tags: cheesy, judy, laryn, uvsc libary
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