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Closing Shots on a Day Well Done...

I love Bob Marley...

I told my boss that I wouldn't leave her in a bind. I've thrown enough, "I hate my job" statements around to make her nervous... and, since there is a hiring freeze on state jobs, I've committed myself to a "library first" attitude. I'll wait until my job can be filled... unless I go crazy, then all promises are out the window.

I might go crazy.

I know Ryn doesn't like the fact that we work together... but, being able to lean around the corner and sneak a peak at her face always brightens the moment for me.

I wish I had a digital camera... the sky over Utah Lake and the mountains beyond is moving so beautifully with a contrast of light to dark grey clouds. I wish I were a falcon, high above the ground, riding a thermal into the heavens... *sigh*

I have the house to myself this evening, which is nice... so, I'm going to go to the book store, or coffee shop, or the record store... maybe I'll go to a few places. Don't know.

Just feeling good.....
Tags: bob marley, coffee, laryn, utah lake, utah sky
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