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Stupid is as Stupid Does....

I'm feeling considerably more stupid today than I have in a long, long time.

I've been looking at job postings for the US forest service... Sitting on top of a mountain, looking for fires, finding myself engaged in a great inner-conversation.... I think I could do that. Maybe. Probably not.

It might be a better idea to join Everett Ruess. However, I am neither the artist or the poet he was... nor, do I have a rich family to support me in my excursions into the wild. I wouldn't mind playing the role of Odysseus. I could brave the rough spring waters of the Colorado on a hand-made raft. Maybe. Probably not.

I'm scared of everything today, and it doesn't feel good.

I was supposed to begin working out again today, but haven't had the time, nor energy...

Just wilting away as entropy takes it's toll. I'm getting older and that can not be stopped. Damn!

My lower back is giving me problems today.

One point of humor for the day: Judy sends an agenda out for the Library Aide meeting. "Dress Code issues: Coats, Back packs, Hats, Thongs, Name badges," She writes. I called her immediately.

"Judy," I ask, "I assume by thongs you mean flip flops, right?"
"Why, yes - Matthew..."
"Well, you ought to re-word that... some aides think you are concerned about their choices in panties."

Before that conversation, I had never heard a person blush over the phone.
Tags: everett ruess, job hunting, thongs vs. thongs
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