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Still trying to figure today out. Was going to go to SLC (that was yesterday's last second plan), but was trumped by l.'s desire to spend the weekend with her sister. So, she is up in logan and possibly on her way to Wyoming to visit a cousin and I am at the school (having retrieved a cd from my computer - I was in the area). I'm envious of the fact that she has family so close... I wish I had that sort of access to my brother. And, while I am sad that she I will not be spending time with her this weekend, I am really happy knowing the fact that she is hanging out with her sister.

So, now I'm going to get some necessities at the grocery store, do some domestic cleaning and maybe (just maybe) head to the liquor store. It has been a long while since I last had a good drink (New Year's Eve, if my memory serves me right) and think that maybe, just maybe... tonight may be a splendid evening to get drunk!

I'd like to put my feet in the sand this weekend, as well... I need a car w/ that is fuel efficient. Hmmmm... Southern Utah. Maybe I'll take my jeep...

I know I'm going to miss l. this weekend. I already do...

Utah's desert is one of, if not the most, romantic place in the world for me... missing l., go to the desert...

Good idea.
Tags: desert dreaming, laryn, liquor store, slc
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