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It's been a while... but I have a few moments while I finish drinking my coffee. I had a great weekend (first great weekend in a long time). I spent Friday night in the bar. Was drunk, of course! Found Biloba and Wickenden in the crowd... had good conversation. Biloba tried to get me into a fight by telling a military man with massive biceps guns that I was a killer. God, damn it Biloba!!! Fortunately, the episode cooled down enough that we could escape without further problems - and we ran to the grocery store for humus and pita bread (thanks for the snack a.). Saturday morning a group from the philosophy club went up rock canyon, picking up garbage along the way. I think our group was six, or seven in numbers and we found about 9 bags worth of shit laying around. It was a nice couple of hours in the cool morning... a girl from the club brought about five gallons of tasty hot chocolate. I enjoyed the after coffee beverage and the company. A. took me to lunch at IHOP afterwords (again, thanks man.). I made it home after two, took a long nap, and watched the (kill your) tv for a while. I had to ditch some friends and a night in Park City due to a lack of funds and a general feeling of laziness. However, Natalia begged me to hang with her and a friend (not that she would have to beg me to hang out). I convinced her to loan me $5 for the night... and we headed down to the bar to watch Henry Topaz and the Regency. It's funny, but Topaz is much better when I am drinking. They're actually a lot of fun, but I am so easily entertained when I have a beer sitting in front of me. On Sunday Natalia and I went to the coffee shop (she had oj, I had coffee.. oj, coffee.) Later, we hiked South Fork Canyon with Jared and two dogs (Raja - a dalmatian and Destiny - a pit bull). The dogs had a great time and I think I took some neat pictures, but the huge pasta lunch I had immediately before we left for the trail didn't really help me up the mountain. We only hiked about two miles, then sat on a foot bridge for a while. The running water, falling leaves and slight wind made for a beautiful afternoon. Last night Ruth came over, made some sort of vegetarian sausage dish with rice, and we all ate happily in front of the tube. Jared made some hot cocoa mixed with brandy and I slowly slipped into this morning. What a good fucking weekend...
Tags: allen hill, don, henry topaz and the regency, jared, meathead, natalia, raja
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