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Am I the only person who mindlessly wanders through journals by clicking on Random?

I'm patiently counting the clock down... only 39 minutes until I get off campus. I have a bottle of rum waiting for me at home and a hockey game to get drunk for. I went to my first game a couple of weeks ago and, despite not knowing a thing about hockey, I had a great time. BYU's team is terrible.... they remind me of children when they play soccer. The crowd of skaters all flow to the puck. It gets congested. Utah State University seemed to spread things out, and play a set offense (which might explain why they beat BYU 10-4). All in all, it's fun to get drunk in order to root for Mormons. It's one way I contribute to this society on my own terms.

Tomorrow the philosophy club is sponsoring a high school ethics bowl. I have to judge some of the rounds, but hope to get away in the early afternoon so that I can go to a pot-luck party and later to the bar.

I went hiking yesterday. It was therapeutic. I love to hike alone, much more so than with people. I become irritated with voices and the conversation that follows. I like to listen to the wind blow, the water flow and my breath compete with my heart-beat for attention. I feel more connected that way. It snowed on me as I ascended the trail at the end of the South Fork Canyon Road. I stopped, before heading back down the trail, to look down into a ravine. The wind was trying to push me in, but I resisted. I stood there, as the falling snow wrapped around my frame and continued on, down through the canyon, thinking that I had to be the most blessed person in the world.

I love the fact that I have a cup of coffee... I just wish someone would help me drink the rest of the pot. Damn!
Tags: allen hill, coffee, get drunk in order to root for mormons, hiking, hockey
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