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Posted 21 articles this morning... Bennett/Fritze's class is posted through the semester.

I'm working on transferring E-Res files over to Docutek (a new program and a different server)... blah.

I've realized that Monday mornings are very boring, as I am the only supervisor here. L. works the evening shift and J. has classes until 2... so, I sit here alone.

J.J. (a library aide) is working for Chevy during the Olympics. He takes care of the Chevy people, making sure they get to and from events. He gets a wage, a room in a $600 a night hotel (park city), and free passes to Olympic events. Because the schedule is so packed, a few of the Chevy people choose to rest rather than attend every event... this led to J.J. calling me late yesterday afternoon w/ $400 worth of free tickets to the Germany/Austria hockey game. Jared, Ryn and I sat 16 rows up from the ice and watched Germany win on a last-minute goal.

I didn't think I would get to see any of the events, now it seems J.J. is going to hook me up anytime tickets become available. Having a connection is nice.

Olympic Hockey rocks!

I'd like to see some figure skating, or go to a medals ceremony... whatever happens, I've had a really cool Olympic experience. Only wish I had taken my camera.
Tags: electronic reserve, olympic hockey, olympics
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