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Thursday Morning

Ohhhh... Red Hot.... Red Hot...

Heh... A Motley Crue morning... Some things fit too well (that's embarrassing).

I broke down this morning... just finished a cup of joe (after a three day break... I'm going to levitate soon). Ahhh...

My desktop wallpaper: Thorn riding a llama triumphantly into the Himalayas'. Arm stretched out, beer in hand, giving a toast to the Gods (I suppose). My eyes water every time I look at it... Absolutely hilarious.

There is a beautiful girl sitting two desks down... I keep sneaking peaks at her, hoping she'll notice, but she is engaged in a conversation with another woman (Judy). I'm going to make faces, see what that brings... thoughts of blowing kisses.

I'm very happy.
Tags: laryn
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