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I did it through e-mail. She wouldn't let me talk to her, either in person, or over the phone. She'll get impatient as I carefully pick my words, yelling at me, "Just Say It!" It's not that easy. Not when you care enough to make certain that the words are correct. I've never felt for a girl the way that I feel for her. She know's that. At least I hope she understands that I've never been more sincere. I have spent the last ten months of my life trying to step inside of her, to feel her as a kindred spirit. She kept me in tow, promising that she was worth the wait. That all crashed last Saturday when she informed me of how she really felt, then hung up on me. I knew this was coming. I suppose I was merely waiting for the trust to fall through. I'm not sure I'll ever trust again. "Goodbye," I wrote. Goodbye, Nicole.
Tags: love is hard, nicole
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