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Strange day, today is...

No coffee in my system, today or yesterday. This morning I woke bright eyed and energetic - six times (snooze button). I didn't want to come into work... still don't want to be here, and can't imagine the day to bring much more. I want to be doing something else, but what? I'm not sure... but, I'll think about it.

I don't know what to do in my spare time. I'm not drinking coffee for the month (and the odds are...) and, so the coffee shop becomes less practical. I cleaned the toilet last night, did the dishes and watched some show on t.v. Jared asked me why I thought I could be such an asshole... I simply stated that I wasn't aware that I had been an asshole. Oh, well... I've been cranky from this stupid sore throat/fever thing, but an asshole? Ryn wasn't feeling well, so she didn't stop by after work and I tried to get some sleep... but, just laid there and a large portion of the night was spent tossing and turning.

Plans for the week:
Thursday night - Valentine Dinner
Friday Night - Rice/Eccles stadium for the Olympic's opening ceremony
Saturday Night - Claudine's play

Now, I've got to re-boot this computer, start scanning stuff and think about my future... think, think, think.
Tags: jared, laryn, no coffee, plans, work
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