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I haven't been feeling well... battling some virus, bacteria, disease... something. And, although I have been feeling increasingly better, I am still sick (even after six days) with a sore throat and a slight (the slightest) fever. I don't get sick often, so the feeling is very foreign and uncomfortable to me.

I haven't had any coffee today. Thursday and Friday were coffee free days as well. I think I will be taking February off from coffee... I think.

So, today... I am feeling a bit sluggish, if not slightly ill as well.

I had an amazing weekend. Friday LaRyn and I went to dinner at the Roasted Artichoke and were entertained by a young girl who played guitar and her wonderful voice... and, the food was delicious. Later we went to the movie theater to watch The Count of Monte Christo - which was very entertaining. Almost just as entertaining was the sight of David (a student worker in the library) who, upon noticing Ryn and I together, stumbled up the stairs, made a short presentation on his cinemark.com tickets and then disappeared into the crowd. Only Jocelin (and now David) knows that Ryn and I have been dating... Judy is suspicious, but has yet to come onto any evidence. She's even asked Ryn questions and made statements to Joc in an effort to get a reaction. We're very sneaky, us two... but David knows, David knows!!!

Saturday Ryn and I went to Chevy's for a late lunch, bought tickets to Claudine's play (next Saturday) and later went to SLC for a short evening of books, magazines, hot cocoa, chai tea and chocolate pie.

Sunday I spent on the couch... I gave jared $12 as part of the "chip-in" for beer... and, he only bought $12 worth of beer. So... chips, cheese, salsa and beer for the superbowl. A lovely day, really.
Tags: claudine, jared, laryn, roasted artichoke, sick
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