Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Melvin's "Darn Good" Coffee...

Maybe so. Hell, there are so many places you can go wrong with coffee... I have long suspected that having a Mormon youth make your coffee could be a very bad thing. I now have near flawless empirical evidence (well... ). Note: I live in Provo, Utah... and am the only non-Mormon within walking distance. Before I get going, I need to note that I am not picking on my young lds friends... I am just pissed that someone could screw up a cup of coffee so badly (this is sacred ground we're walking on - tread lightly).

You have to drink coffee to make a decent cup. That's the rule... you have to know what you're doing. Coffee is a delicate drink that can be ruined at any given step... You have to care about the drink enough to baby it through the process.

Has anyone had Melvin's "Darn Good" Coffee? Is the roast just shitty??? I suspect that too could be the case...

Nevertheless... Einstein does have great bagels, and they do open early enough to satisfy my need for a warm cup of caffeine (which is, essentially all you get - I wouldn't dare call it coffee). which does serve to aide in my awakening (when work calls me in too early to rely on other coffee shops).

I thank my vibrating brain for Juice and Java... At least they know how to make coffee, and Cafe Ibis (where J&J gets their beans) is a very decent micro-roastery. Now, if only I could get away from work for 20 minutes....
Tags: cafe ibis, coffee, einstein bagels, how to ruin a coffee, juice n java, provo, utah
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