Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

This is not the proper place.

This will be disconnected.

I want to tell people who he is, but I no longer know him... and perhaps never really did. I want to offer a personal eulogy because I believe he deserves it. You do not spend your childhood with someone and not allow them to affect the course of your life. I am angry at myself for losing track of him. I did not know he was married. I did not know he had a child and two step children. I did not know where, or what he was doing. I did not know he was flying planes in Afganistan.

I do know that my heart will be forever broken. I do not like losing people.

Captain Matthew W. Bancroft

I am sorry that you will never know that I have thought of you often and that in my heart I have always carried you. To me, you will always remain beautiful.

I am sorry.
Tags: bancroft, gone to soon, killed in action
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