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I'm ready sandal weather... if only for today. I woke this morning, looked outside to see if it was snowing (in other words, I began my morning as I always do in the winter time), then went through the rest of the morning ritual. On the way into work I was thinking about the dvd Jared rented last night. We watched the IMAX Wolves show, which was a glossy, thoughtless and uninformative piece on what it means to be a film director who can use expensive cameras and mass media to pontificate on the existence of wolves in an all too human world.

The film has its place in the conservation community, I suppose... just not in my dvd player. However, and to the credit of the little disc, it did hold an equally long Hollywood-type documentary on the reintroduction of the wolves into Yellowstone National Park. That segment was much more interesting than the feature.

Anyway, the whole point of my ramble here, is that I want to get back into the wild. I was caught in a fantasy, as I walked from the parking lot to my desk. I am beginning to warm for spring... the thaw and the romance of an awakening world. I need to see some wolves.

A grizzly bear could eat me today. I wouldn't mind that at all. I'm nutritious

Tags: dreaming of spring, grizzly bears, wolves
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