Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

It's Saturday... warm, lazy Saturday. I've taken the last few days off from work, and have had an incredibly liberating time at the expense of time itself. Ahhh... to do things at my own leisure (which means putting important stuff off until the last moment.) What have I done? I went hiking alone. I've read parts of "Does It Hurt To Think," by David Rothenberg. I've had coffee for hours upon hours at Juice and Java. I stumbled down to Provo's olympic venue (Seven Peaks Ice Arena) to watch my Cousin play hockey. He's a goalie for the BYU IceCats. Unfortunately, he was pulled half way through the 2nd period after having been scored on five times. It was an ugly choice by the coach. I don't pretend to know the game of hockey, but it was very apparent that Cousin's team was overmatched and the coach's decision to pull Chris out of the game to shake things up seemed inappropriate. After Chris was pulled USU scored four quick goals. I think the final score was 10 - 4, or something close to that. I ran into my other Cousin who, along with her husband, had come down from Salt Lake City to watch the game. I need to remind myself that I do have family here. I always forget. Noelle and Chris are neat people. I am fortunate to have them in my life. Ugh... I need to get an internet connection from home. I am in the public library and my time on this computer is running out. I've got to find some books that deal with the ethics of hunting. I am presenting with a panel for Ethics Awareness Week this coming tuesday, and have yet to prepare. God, I hope there aren't many people there. That's my life for today... it's nice outside. I'm going hiking.
Tags: coffee, cousins, ethics, hiking, hockey, hunting
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