Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

It's amazing what a cup of coffee will do for me when I am tired, worn out, cranky, grumpy, pissy, bitchy, "nasty, brutish, and short" tempered.

I can't write anymore.

I've been really irritated with myself lately. I've thought that I think too much, and act to little. However, I had an epiphany last night which was quite uplifting. I'm not going to share it today, but I will say this: I really enjoy being able to think, and I no longer believe it to be disease of inaction.

I may be too patient, however.

Megan was kind enough to attend the art show (that wasn't) last night... and on short notice too. She also made me a vegetarian bean burrito, which was very nice of her as I was suffering from lack of food.

The art show:
Pictures of Chris (not his artwork) cleaning the studio. The pictures were hung near where he was located as the subject. I'm still thinking about the significance of the show... I have theories... but, maybe they were simply doodling out of boredom. A piece of Chris, if you will... we miss him.

I'm done working for my Saturday.

I'll be back tomorrow... too much to do.
Tags: art show, megan, thomas hobbes
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