Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Movies, books and coffee... what more could I want for the new year's celebration?

I could think of a few more things... but health, family and friendships are those things which move me. I am good.. in a good place..

Recent events have led me to think about the journal, and it's purpose under my fingers. I've used it mainly as a lazy means to expressing myself and haven't taken care, or given thought to the fact that other people are, or may be reading what I have written. I do not want to be forced into defending what I do here, or why... that is the beauty of posting anonymously. It shouldn't matter that I put little effort into the thoughts, or expression I publish here. Of course, there are people who I know, respect and love who read what I have written...

I do not wish to be ridiculed, or put on the defensive for what I write here... I also do not want to change what I do here. To put it simply: I've enjoyed the experience of using l.j. as I do.

What I leave behind on this web-site is one representation of me. I would hate for a judgment of my person to be made based on the content of this journal. That is all I ask of the reader, whomever you may be.
Tags: don't judge me
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