Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Perhaps this is sad, and pathetic... but, I am addicted to e-mail. I'm going through fits as I only seem to get work-related messages... where are my friends?

I wish the storm (there is a storm coming, isn't there?) would blow in. I'm sitting at my desk, looking out over Utah lake... but, not able to see through all the gunk in the air. It's settled thickly over the lake, blocking any view of the mountains that I might have.
I understand the inherent problems of living in a "fishbowl," but am really more concerned with the aesthetic, my aesthetic... I want my damn mountains!!! A storm would blow all the nasty, hazy, gritty air (to some other place). It's a shame that it has to go somewhere... it doesn't just vanish, or disappear... out of sight, out of mind. "It's a nice day," only means that our waste has been pushed somewhere else. It does go somewhere else.
There are too many people with too many cars and too many agendas. I can't help but think that we're doomed... our existence, as it is, is not sustainable. Humans really are foolishly ignorant... we all are. I am.
While I was home, Chata argued that he could not believe in genetic mutations. How could you not? He also told me that he couldn't believe in every thing in the bible - he picks what is most agreeable, I suppose... but then, when I talked about people who made literal readings vs. those who make figurative readings he said, "people who make figurative readings are wrong." "What!?!" "Their wrong..." "How so," I asked? "The bible says that all words within are the true words of God." "Then how do you pick what to believe, and what not to believe?"


I just wish I could see the mountains.
Tags: chata, pollution, religion
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