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I'm drinking my coffee, looking at the screen, wishing the snow level was lower than 7000 feet and planing the rest of my vacation. It's hard not to feel that it is all ready over. I think I have a ton of work waiting for me in the library, and school starts on Wednesday... Much to do.

I'm glad I have coffee... coffee makes me happy. I just wish I had good conversation to go with my coffee.

I'm going to the Pit River Tribal Casino this afternoon to gamble with my 82 year old grandmother. She has this gambling method that I don't exactly understand... I just feed my money into the machine, lose it and go home. She can sit there for hours, nursing her money along, watching other machines... win a bit here, and a bit there... and, usually, comes out even.

I don't care for gambling, really. I guess that is why I am having a hard time motivating myself for the afternoon. Buck up. BUCK UP!!! Every little thing, going to be alright.

I miss the coffee shop... I miss sitting there for hours with old faces, drinking coffee and talking. I'm a fan of Juice and Java - despite the cops...

I'm obsessing over coffee... and my cup is now empty. Its a sad, sad day.
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