Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

Kazata Supa?

So, I fucked up. After the month I have had, I didn't need to start my online journal like this. I meant to type "Kazuta," not "Kazata" as part of my user name. Perhaps I will develop an appreciation for my mistake sometime down the road, however (and as it is now) I am straight pissed off. Live journal will not let me change the damn name without forking over money (so much for a free account) and I can't simply delete this new account in order to start over. My friend, Al, has only one "invite" to give and I haven't the patience to wait another month (although my brother would probably supply me with one in two days - when his account is allowed a freebie). So, I'm cranky, pissed and angry. "What's the worry," you're thinking. Well, I'm not quite sure what Kazata Supa means (probably the Sioux equivalent for a "chill pill." Kazuta Sapa stands for "Black Medicine," which is what the Sioux named, or could still call, coffee. Maybe I am going through withdrawals. I need a good cup of joe, man. Really.
Tags: brother, coffee, first post, kazatasupa
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