Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

A strange day.

I made myself drunk over dinner (or was that lunch?), slept it off... went out with Chata, argued all evening and am now back at my parents house. Alone.

People disappoint me. Sometimes they're just not thoughtful. Other times, they just don't care... and I have a hard time differentiating between the two. I spent a good portion of my "drunk" time being upset with people... What a wonderful Christmas, eh?

Ah... Bah humbug!

I think it is too much to ask of people to sacrifice (if only a little). I've learned to be patient, and try to understand different perspectives. I am sensitive and take great care not to step on toes, or hurt others... I really would only ask that others do the same. But I can't. I'm alone in this world, and there really is no need to be sorrowful about it. "War is hell," my father is fond of saying...

"Celebrate this, asshole...."

I love life. And, the statement above was not directed at my father. It was directed at everyone, even myself...

I would never ask of anyone to appreciate those things I hold dear... I can only dream that there are people out there who do. My experience tells me that there are not.

I'm glad that I know some amazing people. They help keep me centered... I would quickly go insane without my friends. I would lose all stability without my family... I am not stable alone.
Tags: christmas fail, dad, drunk, upset
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