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Even my best laid plans always fail. Plan number one: take brother out Christmas Eve and get him drunk. Failed... he had to work until eleven this evening and did not get to my parent's house until midnight. Plan number two: go out with Chata and Willie (and get drunk). Failed... all the bars closed early. Imagine that... what are all the old, single guys supposed to do Christmas Eve? Watch It's a Wonderful Life re-runs? No, we go out and get drunk!

Chata and I cruised main street (just like old times) and talked about women (just like old times) and love (just like old times) and religion (is this getting old?) and sex (ahem...) and life.... and we looked at Christmas lights. It doesn't take long to drive down every street in Burney, so we did it twice and, in some cases, three times.

I tried to get Chata to go to midnight mass with me... he passed on the idea. I am not a fan of organized religion, but I do enjoy celebrating culture and ritual. I guess I'll give it a shot next year... I would just rather go with someone, than go alone.

I was Mormon once... it happened when I was twenty, and I was looking for answers. I found a warm people who welcomed me with open arms. Their warmth endeared their religion to me... It didn't take long for me to become disenchanted with the religion, not because of the people, but because I couldn't find the sort of answers I was looking for. I moved on. This afternoon, as I was perusing (1) the beer selection at Safeway, I ran into the old bishop... Mr. Hathaway. I like him. He's a warm, sturdy man with a genuine personality... it's too bad Mormons don't drink beer anymore... Old Brigham Young was quite fond of the Bass Pale Ale... even built a railroad to have it shipped across the states to Utah.

(1) Perusing : Usage Note: Peruse has long meant “to read thoroughly” and is often used loosely when one could use the word read instead. Sometimes people use it to mean “to glance over, skim,” as in I only had a moment to peruse the manual quickly, but this usage is widely considered an error. Sixty-six percent of the Usage Panel finds it unacceptable
Tags: cruising, failed drinking excursion, mormon, perusing
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