Kazatasupa (kazatasupa) wrote,

My morning walk for coffee was successful (this meaning I did get a cup of coffee). I walked down main street, looking at empty buildings... and decided that the best buildings to put coffee shops in are already occupied. Most of the buildings here are simple, ugly square-box type offering no character at all. I wouldn't mind the A-frame building that houses the Alpine Drive In, but that has been there for decades... a Burney staple, as far as businesses go. I also wouldn't mind the old Bernard's gas station, or one of the spaces in the Novel "T's" / Burney Mountain Video building. I've had my eye on the old moose lodge for a couple of years, but it somehow seems too large and impractical. There is a lot of dreaming still to come...

I finally ran into Chata this morning, or should I say, that crazy sob almost ran me over. There is snow on the road... and he's totaled enough cars to make anyone nervous. He is coming by later... I guess we're going to "hang-out." Maybe I'll make him go for a ride with me.

Time to shower... Time to shave...

Must do something with my day
Tags: chata, coffee, dreams, walk
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